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Mascot costumes - Animals




Hal the Dog was made for children's live events. Made from short pile plush fur; solid headpiece with cooling fan. Vision through mouth. Suit has foam pod to give tummy shape. Parade feet

Teddy Bear Mascot Costume

Hire = $150

Chipmunk Mascot Headiece

Chicken mascot

Camel Costume


Bear Mascot made for basketball club. Covered in short pile fur for definition.



Brivis the Duck made for plumbing company mascot. Headpiece constructed from PE30 foam, perspex eyes, vision through beak. Covered in plush yellow fur medium length pile

Duck Mascot 1

Small Teddy Bear Headpiece

Blue Rat Mascot Headpiece

Mouse Mascot Costume

Hire $150




Dragon Mascot costume made for rowing club as a team mascot. Solid headpiece with wings and detailing at back. Airbrushed finish and shading. Padded suit, feet, hands.

EarthWorm Mascot

Emu Mascot Costume

Dog Mascot Costume

Falcon mascot headpiece


Bugs Bunny made for live show

Lorikeet bird costume

Made as school mascot

Lorikeet mascot wing section shading

BlueTongue Lizard Mascot

Created for school

BlueTongue Lizard Headpiece

Created for school


Bulldog mascot headpiece for football team

Frog mascot costume

Galah Headpiece

Geoffrey Giraffe mascot headpiece

Goat Costume




Emu mascot made for parking company; showing design brief and finished costume headpiece

Piggy Bank Mascot

Hal the Dog mascot

Blue Dragon Mascot Costume

Blue Dragon Mascot 

Head and Feet





Lorikeet mascot made for School mascot with wings (below).




Koala Mascot Costume

Kookaburra Mascot Costume

Pine Bear Costume

Lion mascot headpiece


Lady Bird costume made for children's learning program

Priscilla Lizard costume

Magpie Mask

Frog mascot costume

T-Rex Red Mascot


Prawn mascot costume designed and made for tourism industry


Pelican Mascot

Penguin Mascot Costume

Echidna Mascot Costume

Echidna Mascot Costume