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Mascot costumes - Shapes


Eyeball Mascot Costume created for promotion. Made from foam, padding, printed lycra.



Eyeball costume




Eyedrop Bottle costume, made for promotion.


House Costume manufactured for live events. Made from PE30 foam, padded and covered in digitally printed thick lycra. Harness inside keeps the costume suspended from wearer's shoulders. 

Helicopter Mascot Costume 

Helicopter Mascot Costume Front

QR Code Mascot Costume

Created for Live Event





Tennis Ball mascot costume made for promotion.  With lighted shoes.





Gold Pan headpieces made for promotion. Constructed in EVA foam, liquid foil.


 IPad Costume made for education/school.

Costume is constructed from three blended foams for flexibility. Has large cape at back. Magnetic star can be moved to any of the coloured buttons. 3D and printing combined to give the face

Oatling Costume

MSN Buddy Costume

MSN Buddy Costume

Rode Microphone mascot


Oatling Costumes made for live event.

Constructed from high density foam and covered in printed textured opaque lycra. Each one is individualised using accessories. Branding is incorporated.

Baseball Mascot Costume

CK Mascot costume

Kinder Egg Costume

Cat food mascot costume


Microphone Costumes made for Rode.

Soft and semi flexible foam form fitting with digitally printed top section. 

Costume has character feet, gloves, bodysuit.

Star Wash mascot costume

Facial Cosmetic Device Mascot Costume

Donation Box mascot costume

House mascot costume


Bone Mascot Costume made for medical conference events. Constructed from rigid foam core with flexible foam ends. Designed for maximum impact.


 Butts Out mascot costume was designed around a small plastic portable ashtray product as part of a waste management strategy. Made from rigid and soft foam, padded with parade feet and gloves.