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Mascot Production - People










Justine SuperStylist mascot created for Justcuts - foam headpiece, foam body undershape with superhero accessories.

Cowboy Mascot Costume

Girl headpiece

Dentist Mascot Costume

Albert mascot costume 3

Dentist mascot costume made for conference - has padded lab coat with branding

JCU Headpieces 1

JCU Headpieces 2

Superhero Girl mascot costume

Made for community group

Superhero girl headpiece

Without sunglasses



LifeSaver mascot costume created for local council; headpiece constructed from PE foam, with soft body costume character thong-feet

Lego Mascot Costume

Lifeguard Mascot

Lifeguard Mascot headpiece


Mermaid costume made for theme park; has foam tail printed/rendered

Mermaid Mascot Costume

Mighty Mouse Costume

Mr P Mascot Costume

Egg Mascot Costume


Monster mascot costume for sporting team; has foam muscle suit

Plumber mascot headpiece

Professor Mascot Costume

QBE characters

Mikey Wrestler Mascot


Monkey Pirate costume made for theme park

Rambo Costume torso

Fireman Sam Headpiece

Branded Superhero

Superhero Mascot


Superhero mascot made for ACT community group with sports shoes (below). With silver sweat pants

Panasonic Wrestler Costume

Ranger Girl mascot costume

Captain Active Mascot Costume

Roman Centurion








Lifesaver Mascot Headpiece



Lifeguard Mascot Face

Pirate Mascot Costume

Chief Mascot Costume

Chinese Doll Headpieces

Justine Mk2 Headpiece

LiveSaver Feet


Muscle Suit Costume

Justine Mk2 Mascot Costume

Justine Justcuts

Superhero Mascot Costume

Gold Angel Wings

Made for Nine Network