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Mascot costumes - Animals




Magpie Football Mascot made for team; constructed as solid foam core with extended sections for beak; headpiece sits on the shoulders thereby allowing head movement inside.




BlueBird mascot costume created for a school's PBL programme. Has separate headpiece with fan, padded body and graphics sublimated into the wing feathers.


Blue Goanna mascot costume created for a school. Printed textured skin, EVA headpiece

Rat costumes made for Lunar New Year 2020

Gold Rat costumes showing head and body sections

Rat costumes on location during Lunar New Year

Rat costume body section at back showing wind up key


Red Bull school sports mascot; suit made from short fur with muscle detailing. Head constructed from light foam, flexible horns




Lorikeet mascot costume with airbrushed feather detail


Seagull Mascot headpiece

Squirrel mascot costume

Ted Bear Costume

Ted Bear Chef costume


Kangaroo mascot made for radio marketing



Kangaroo wrestler costume design sketch/mockup brief

Pink Monster Costume

Wilson Wallaby

Walrus costume

Word Monster Mascot


Pelican mascot for local council promotional; soft foam legs, parade feet, soft foam wings. Head made from rigid foam. Vision through back of throat. Short fur and cooling fans inside

Roo Mascot Headpiece

Gorilla - High school mascot

Lizard Costume Front

Ted Bear headpiece as part of school mascot costume


Georgie the Dragon made for council; has soft body with foam pod inside, parade feet, wings, rigid headpiece and branded vests.



Shark mascot concept sketch

Croc Costume

Magpie Sports Mascot

Pelican Pete


Chicken costumes made for children's parade; soft suits inside of a shell with feathered arms. Nose and eye mask with shell head

Rusty the Dog

Sandy the Dog Costume

IGA Bunny Mascot


Turtle Mascot Headpiece


Dolphin mascot made for tourism; solid foam shape with flexible legs/shorts with branding and printed floral design. Moving flippers

Bee Mascot Costume

Bandicoot costume headpiece

Dougal the Bear

Dunnart Marsupial Costume


Rabbit costumes made for shopping mall. Soft suit with rigid foam headpiece, flexible shoes. Matching vest and bowtie

Blue Bird mascot headpiece

Rabbitohs Mascot Bunny

Rabbit headpieces

TankTurtle mascot costume


Cockatoo mascot costume made for local council; has soft foam body, leg tights and solid foam headpiece with flexible foam shoes

Lorikeet Mascot Costume

Created for ACT school

Koala mascot headpiece

Koala mascot

Dragon costume wings