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Mascot Production - Food


Basil Herb mascot costume

Ben and Jerry's IceCream Mascot

Oreo Biscuit costume

Black Egg Costume Prop

Broccolini costume 1

Cracker costume prop

Cupcake mascot

Dim Sum costume prop

Dimsum Mascot Costume

Baked Beans Promotional Costume

Garlo's Meat Pie Mascot Costume

Kiwi Fruit costume 1

Dumpling Mascot Costume

Mint Herb mascot costume

Oatling Costumes

Banana Boy mascot

Pie Costume

Pizza mascot costume

Crust Pizza back

Strawberry Costume


Watermelon Costume - For Hire

Yam Mascot Costume

Yoghurt Mascot Costume

Chili Pepper Costume

Rockmelon costume (front)

Rockmelon costume (back)

Bagel Costume

Side View

Lady Banana

Bananas and Rat

Pumpkin mascot costume