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Mascot Production - Food



Smarties and Kit-Kat costumes made for TV commercial; made from rigid foam core base. Padded in wadding and covered in digitally printed lycra. Open face, arms and legs out.

Basil Herb mascot costume

Ben and Jerry's IceCream Mascot

Oreo Biscuit costume

Black Egg Costume Prop


Grape costume design created for Wholefoods company

Broccolini costume 1

Cracker costume prop

Cupcake mascot

Dim Sum costume prop


Pumpkin mascot design for rural agricultural festival

Dimsum Mascot Costume

Baked Beans Promotional Costume

Garlo's Meat Pie Mascot Costume

Kiwi Fruit costume 1


Millie Mint mascot costume produced for fresh foods product launch

Dumpling Mascot Costume

Mint Herb mascot costume

Oatling Costumes

Banana Boy mascot


Bagel to Go costume produced for food store franchise

Pie Costume

Pizza mascot costume

Crust Pizza back

Strawberry Costume



Watermelon Costume - For Hire

Yam Mascot Costume

Yoghurt Mascot Costume

Chili Pepper Costume

Rockmelon costume (front)

Rockmelon costume (back)

Tomato Mascot Costume

Bagel Costume

Side View

Lady Banana

Bananas and Rat

Pumpkin mascot costume

Smarties costume for TVC

Kit Kat costume for TVC

Donut costume for TVC