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Mascot costumes - Shapes

Westpac Helicopter costumes were designed and made as a bulk item ostensibly for the City to Surf event. They have since been featured at numerous activations.


Costumes were built on a foam core; the exterior was printed and backed with 5mm foam. The tail section was collapsable, the objective being to fit them into a small space for transport. They are also machine washable !


They are a light and easy to wear costume and have been highly effective.

MSN Buddy Costume

Milk Carton Mascot

Westpac Helicopter Costumes City 2 Surf

Clock mascot costume

Opera House costume was designed as a promotional mascot for the tourism industry

Waterdrop Mascot costume

Cube Costume

Dartboard costume

For an event

Lush bomb costumes

Kinderling Kids' Radio commissioned  this to be built for promoting their station at community events. 


It is made from flexible foam with a solid core to provide strength at the harness support points. 

Wheelie Bin Costume

Eyeball Costume - For Hire

Fifty Dollar Bill costume

Man or the Money

Fire Extinguisher mascot costume

Billy Blood Drop was designed for the ARCBS to help promote their blood drive campaigns. 


He is shipped to multiple locations around the country.


The costume has feet, hands and under suit.

Fridge Magnet Costume

Gold coin mascot costume

Golf Ball Headpiece

Hand Costumes

ADT Sam was made for the security company as a promotional mascot.


He is made from light weight closed cell foam, covered in velvet with airbrushed shading to give highlights.


Metallic silver tights, character feet and gloves.

Heart Costume

House Mascot Costume

Hot Water Costumes

Unilever LIfeBuoy mascot costume

Green Boy was made for Children's Cancer as a visual for their campaigns.


Made from light foam, both rigid and flexible to help with logistics.


Covered in printed graphic plus 3D elements applied to give depth.


Arms are attached with separate gloves and feet.


Vision is through the eyebrows where mirror cell mesh is positioned.

Liver Costume

Money Bag Costume

Napisan Costume

NRMA Robots

Eyeball mascot costume is designed to be used as a promotional tool for opticians and eyewear retailers.


The costume is constructed from light-weight foam and is open at the base for access and ventilation.

It has an adjustable harness inside and vision is facilitated by mesh in the hat section. 


The costume has padded pants, inner suit, character hands and feet to match the hat colour.


NRMA Robots Large

Number 1 Costume

Can of Paint Costume


Phone Mascot Costume

Lifebuoy hand wash mascot costume was designed for promotions at retail centres.


The costume was made from EVA foam and sponge-backed spandex to give a big shiny clean finish. At the top was a prop trigger pump.



Phone mascot costume is made from light-weight closed cell foam; it has a harness inside to support it from the wearer's shoulders. It also has a cooling fan to provide ventilation. 


Vision is through a meshed area at top.


Costume comes with character feet, gloves, a bodysuit and carry bag.


Hand Costume

Mario Soup Costume

Lucky Star costume

Thong Costume Front


ATM Mascot costume is a prototype for an action-based costume prop, customised for marathon events where high visibility is needed to be combined with brand recognition.


The costume is built for jogging so the wearer can move easily and it has several cooling points.


Light weight and easy to clean.

Westpac Choppers

Live Event

Transformers Toaster

Televison Mascot Costume