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costumes for hire a-e


.The Standard hire period is four days (normally pickup Friday return Monday).


.The average price for hire is $66 depending on the costume.


.We require a credit card for pre-auth plus driver's licence id.


.We take care of laundering.


.Hiring Terms and Conditions are outlined elsewhere on our website.


.Please call for special requests! We can make anything to order for hire

Cookie Monster Mascot Costume

Hire = $88 (4 day/weekend)

Cleopatra Egyptian Costume

$66 Hire

Bullfighter V2 Costume

$66 Hire/$100 Bond

Elvis Jumpsuit

$66 hire

Batgirl Superhero Costume

$66 Hire

Batman 2 costume

$88 hire

Cleopatra Gold Costume

$66 Hire

Beer Wench Costume

$66 Hire

Bavarian Lederhosen

$66 Hire


Caesar Roman Costume

$66 Hire

Beauty and the Beast Couple Costume

$66 Hire

Doctor Costume

$66 Hire

Bachelor/Hugh Hefner

$66 Hire

Beetlejuice Movie Costume

$66 Hire

Darth Vadar Costume

$66 Hire