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Theatrical Costumes


The standard hire period is four days = pickup Friday return Monday.


The average price for hire is $80 depending on the costume, some are a little higher.

We require a credit card plus some ID before hiring.

In addition to the hire charge, there is a also a security deposit or a pre-auth required which is refunded or cancelled when the costume is returned.


All costumes are cleaned before use.

Cookie Monster Costume

$88 Hire

Bullfighter Costume 



$70 Hire 


$66 Hire 

Batman 2 costume

$88 hire

Beauty and the Beast

$75 Hire 


$70 Hire 

U.S Officer's Uniform

$80 hire/ $150 Bond

Caesar Costume

$70 hire

Elvis Jumpsuit

$66 hire/$100 bond

Cleopatra Costume $70 Hire

Cougar Costume

$66 Hire / $100 Bond

Barbie Costume

$66 Hire

$77 Hire/$100 Deposit

Doctor Costume

$45 Hire / $100 Bond

Captain America Costume

$66 Hire 


Bachelor Costume

$66 Hire